About Us

NYATAPOLA-CRAFT is registered under the Department of Cottage and Small Scale Industry of Govermnet of Nepal in the Year 2000.

It has been producing a wide range of traditional and contemporary woodcarvings, windows, doors for decorative items, mirror frames, statues, masks, boxes, wooden toys, carved windows and doors for real house and furniture.

It has been striving to preserve traditional skill, art and culture and to employ innovative ideas while encouraging people to use crafts for contemporary use.

It has been wholeselling and retailing such products ranging from photo frames to big mirror frames, wall hangings to trays, different small toys to big toys, lamp shades to different sort of frames and forms souvenir to furniture.


Few words about Woodcarving


Nepal has a long tradition in the field of construction of temples and places and the making woodcarvings. The art of building pagoda temples has been exported to China, Japan and Indonesia. These temples have been richly decorated with wood carvings. Woodcarving is imbedded in the traditional craftsmanship's that is transferred from father to sons and now a days to daughter too.

The art of woodcarving has been revived and has reached a very high level since then. Especially in the Kathmandu Valley and more specific in Bhaktapur the cultural heritage has brought old arts to new life. The reconstruction of temples and palaces and building of houses and hotels in the traditional style has been debit to this revival. The roof construction, windows pillars and doors are often richle decorated with birds, fod images and animals. Not only the woodcarving is used for temples and houses, but a newly discovered marker for the consumer who wants to have photo frame, statues and wooden toys. While making these woodcarvings, the craftman woman uses often traditional patterns and designs. Making a piece of woodcarving is very time consuming. Depending on the expericences of the craftsman and the size and complexity of the work and may take days or months.


Participated in Trade Fairs

  • Korea
  • China
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal


  • To produce handicrafts mainly from wooden craft.
  • To introduce Nepalese culture values and customs nationally as well as internationally by producing wooden crafts and to keep the rich tradition of craftsmanship in wood carving alive.
  • To stimulate perservation of traditional skills by encouraging the general public to use locally made products.
  • To provide economic opportunities for underprivileged, disadvantaged, marginalized and social victims.
  • To upgrade the skill of artisians, crafts-pepople, deprived people and support them by using their skills to make their livelyhood.
  • To encourage self employment.
  • To promote wooden products to the international market.